About Us

Our Story –

Beginning back in 1972,  we were founded by Mr. Robert Greenlee, under the name Tropical Foliage.  As his name foretold, he was a master horticulturalist with a passion for tropical plants.  He began bringing tropicals from Florida and California before it was even an industry.  With the fledgling interior landscape business beginning to blossom, he became a major player in the greening of Dallas and helped to  share the majesty of plants across the United States.

Interior Landscape started to become a major design element that was overlooked for many years.  Plants started to be recognized as furniture and became commonplace in many of the businesses you see today.  Plants began showing up in hotels, malls, banks, high rises, apartments, car dealerships and more.   These plants were studied in the late 1980’s by NASA to evaluate their benefits for future space travel and exploration.  This legitimized plants as not just being  a beautiful space filler, but also a benefit to our surrounding air by removing toxins and adding positive vibes.  Plants have been proven to increase mood levels, increase productivity, decrease stress, and provide general well being.

In 2002, we began working closely with Hawaiian growers that were looking to expand their distribution throughout the U.S.. We were one of the first Tropical Plant Companies to ship direct from Kona, Hawaii to our greenhouses in Dallas, Texas.  We bring them in and give them at least a month of love to allow for the plant to acclimate to it’s new surroundings.  When we feel they are ready, we sell them to you. Generally, we provide our plants to the major interior landscapers servicing businesses from California to New York, but have always loved sharing our products with the public and helping to share the magic of plants.

We look forward to serving you.  Please check us out here on the web to see what we have to offer.